Fire Canada Post CEO Deepak Chopra: 4,800 signature petition to be delivered to PMO

Media Advisory / Photo Op

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

People for Postal Workers and Friends of Public Services will deliver a petition to the Prime Minister’s Office in Ottawa, calling for a change in management at Canada Post. The groups argue that Canada Post CEO Deepak Chopra is continuing to carry out the agenda of the Harper government by attempting to force a labour dispute as a way of sabotaging the government’s review of the postal service.


WHEN: 12pm, Tuesday, August 2, 2016

WHERE: Prime Minister’s Office, Elgin and Wellington, Ottawa

WHY: The groups are calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to fire Chopra and the other Harper appointed Canada Post board members. Chopra declined a request from Trudeau to resign, but People for Postal Workers and Friends of Public Services argue the time has passed for asking nicely. As CEO, Chopra has pursued a reckless plan to strip down Canada Post by cutting services, eliminating door to door delivery, and ignoring proposals to expand services, like postal banking.


WHEN: 7pm, Wednesday, August 3, 2016

WHERE: JK Wylie Room, PSAC National Office — 233 Gilmour St.

SPEAKERS: Dru Jay, Friends of Public Services; Lynda Kitchikeesic, Idle No More; Larry Rousseau, PSAC – National Capital Region; and a speaker from CUPW will discuss the postal workers’ vision and the alliance that’s backing it.

SPONSORED BY: Solidarity Against Austerity, People for Posties Ottawa, Ottawa CUPE District Council, Friends of Public Services, CUPW, Leap Manifesto,, and the Council of Canadians.

Postal workers have put forward a bold vision to make Canada Post into an engine for a climate-friendly economy by investing in green jobs that reduce emissions while benefitting low-income and rural communities. Now, the Harper-appointed administration of Canada Post is threatening to lock them out of their jobs, while a public review decides the future of this profitable public service.