Pay Equity


Prominent women call on Trudeau to stamp out sexism by supporting postal pay equity

Women from coast to coast have released an open letter calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to keep his promise to supportequal pay for work of equal value.

The 200 signatories, primarily from English-speaking Canada, include Sarah Polley, Naomi Klein, Maude Barlow, Judy Rebick, Libby Davies, Brigette DePape, Sophie Harkat, Joanna Kerr, Monia Mazigh, Antonia Zerbisias, Harsha Walia, Irene Lanzinger, Nora Loreto, and Christine Jones.

You can add your voice by signing the accompanying petition to the Prime Minister to demand pay equity for postal workers. Together, let’s #StampOutSexism.

Want to help spread the word locally?

You can print and distribute this Pay Equity for Posties fact sheet in your community. You can also print the petition for pay equity to collect signatures in your community.